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    Here is just a small sampling of what you might see on display....

    9 mile gallery view of Drew Beson and John Gerber's original artwork

    From abstract to figurative, we have, or can create, the special forever piece you desire.

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    Celebration (available separately) 24"x48" (each)

    Mary Catherine Solberg  art  Leaving the Driftless Zone 48"x60 showing a woman in a bathing cap

    Mary Catherine Solberg • BIG GIRL PANTIES • 30"x40" • AVAILABLE


    Original Drew Beson artwork abstract shiny surface with bright colors

    Mary Solberg: OH MY! • 48" x 60" • AVAILABLE

    John Gerber original art showing a black and white painted abstract flower arrangement in an ornate frame

    SOLD: John Gerber • Quiet Arrangement • 24" x 24"




    John Gerber abstract art piece in a Ralph Rapson designed home in Minnetonka MN

    SOLD: John Gerber • Melody in Black • 96" x 48" • SOLD




    Mary Catherine Solberg  original art of woman in traditional asian garments Golden Dream 48"x48

    Mary Catherine Solberg • Party Girl • 36"x52" • SOLD




    Original John Gerber artwork titled Ode to Jean Michael Basquiat showing faces and figures in an abstract way

    John Gerber • Audacity l (part of 2 piece set) 36" x 36" AVAILABLE




    John gerber original art Facet2  with a cubist style woman with a feeling of calm

    Mary Solberg • Scent of a Rose • 36"x36" • AVAILABLE

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    SOLD: Reclining Nude • Large original oil on canvas two piece set equalling 97" wide x 48" high

  • Meet the artists.

    an image of john gerber minneapolis art artist

    John Gerber

    Mostly, I like to let my work speak for itself, but of course my experience and story tells a lot about who you will be working with.


    So, here is a little about me. The story is a lot longer... but you can ask me for the rest.


    I have a fine art degree from the University of MN and have 20+ years of extensive creative experience including both fine art and commercial. My fine art is all over the country and I am extremely pleased and blessed to have clients and collectors far and wide.


    In addition, my 20 years of being an entrepreneur allows a different perspective on problem solving, budgeting and scheduling.


    My love for good design, as well as having had fine art exhibitions in fantastic galleries, and many, many recommendations you can read on LinkedIn, assures you I have the experience and creativity to get you something special. If we don't fit, I can help find you the people that will. I want your end result to be perfect whether I have the honor of doing it myself or not.

  • An image of artist Mary Solberg

    Mary Catherine Solberg

    Solberg incorporates aspects of religious iconography, classical realism and her own unique style to create large -scale mixed media paintings she refers to as “Everyday Icons”. These Icon portraits focus on a single character to capture fleeting moments of triumph, transition, struggle and enlightenment. Dogs leap for balls, squirrels clutch their prize candy corn, swimmers dive into a new reality and children grapple with the consequences of authoritarian decisions. Traditional portraiture takes on an ethereal interpretation with the incorporation of assorted media including plaster, collage, oil, acrylics, beeswax, metal leaf, tar and glitter. Her innovative technique produces a highly textured masterful portrait with surprising depth and luminescence.


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