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Introducing The District

Nothing is more precious than time. Homeowners, designers, and builders are always looking for ways to maximize their available hours. A destination that’s easy to reach and offers a variety of building and remodeling  project solutions will be a welcome addition to the Twin Cities. 

Located at 7777 Washington Ave. South, The District Edina building is situated on 3 beautiful acres at the end of a wooded, winding drive conveniently accessible from both Hwy 169 and Hwy 494. Nine-mile creek, which flows through the property, is a wonderful compliment to the exceptional 3-story mid-century modern architecture of the building. 

The building, however, is not a retail location. The concept behind The District Edina is more closely associated with the famous Design Districts of Miami or West Hollywood – a space that focuses on projects and not products, clients and not customers. The District Edina is going to be a destination where homeowners themselves as well as designers and builders of all types can see the best items available in a multiplicity of categories.

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